This is my main Typepad website. You will find a list of all of my websites here for reference purposes  and… if you choose, for your viewing pleasure and unique learning experience.

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And I’m working on other websites that I have expertise in and a passion for. As you can see… I really love writing and learning and teaching AND I really need to get out more. 🙂

My Oil Paintings and Book Covers

Well it looks like I’m off to learn something else new… or should I say…learn it better.

I want to put the picture of my cookbook’s book cover on one of my websites and I have to go study how to re-size pictures to make them fit in the space I want them in… and look nice.

See, I told you, I’m forever working on learning how to do something new or something better. 🙂   And when I learn it to near perfection… then I can teach it someone else that need it or can use the skill too.

Talk soon,